Animal welfare

Animal welfare is a special concern for us! That’s why anyone who gets one of our puppies will donate a certain amount of animal welfare organizations in Germany or Austria! This amount will be deducted from the price. The amount is tax deductible. The donation can be made to the Initiative WindhundHilfe e.V., Windhunde-in-Not e.V. or to an animal shelter. This is what we want to support animal welfare organisations!
Our puppies are also handed in best hands!
We consider it advantageous: own garden, willingness to deal with the puppies and invest enough time, a healthy dog life with hikes, walks, walking, etc. A membership in the DWZRV and an OP insurance is recommended.
Critically, we see a IG in a household with many small children, in households where the dogs have to be alone for more than 4 hours or where people smoke inside! The puppies may be kept with other dogs as long thei are small or medium sized. Puppies have been accustomed with cats since birth.